• Privacy Policy (Basic Policy for Personal Information)

Privacy Policy (Basic Policy for Personal Information)

Technoblood Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “TB”) respects your privacy policy and protects your personal information in accordance with the following basic policy.

  1. TB complies with the Protection Law for Personal Information and other related laws, regulations and appropriate measures for the safety management of personal information held.
  2. TB does not acquire personal information by lying or other improper means, and we will strive to specify clearly indicate the intended purpose of personal information.
  3. In principle, TB will handle personal information within the scope of the specified purpose of use.
  4. TB will try to keep personal data accurate and newest details.
  5. TB will not provide personal data to the third party unless there is justified reason.
  6. TB will correspond appropriately for the request from the customers such as disclosure, correction, suspension of use etc.
  7. TB will manage employees and contractors to protect and handle personal information appropriately.
  8. TB will improve internal regulations and rules for personal information continuously.

This privacy policy will be applied for following all sites to correct customers’ personal information.

■Technoblood, Inc.
■AppGrade Reward Portal Site for smart phone
■Retention Marketing Live Icon

In case customers submit own personal information to us (TB), please read this privacy policy carefully, and understand each.

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