VR Business and TechnoBlood

VR content is difficult have users to try due to the price of the device itself and the high requirement of the PC specifications. Therefore constant problem lies in how to familiarize the content.
Techno Blood has the competence to provide solutions through extensive experience and the cooperation of Internet cafes all across.

VR Business and TechnoBlood

Free VR equipment provided to Internet cafes.
Creating a VR content distribution platform, TechnoBlood will collectively distribute and manage various VR content through talented developers.

Strengths of TechnoBlood

  • 01 Our track record in content distribution and our significant market share in the industry.

    Number of Titles in the industryNO.1

    Internet café operation share in the industryNO.1

  • 02 A wide range of on-offline integrated marketing tools within the store.

    We leverage our expertise in content distribution to provide support in various areas, including management systems and advertising deployment.

  • 03 Our track record of dealings with 2,000 internet cafe outlets nationwide.

    We have established trust and strong relationships with all major chain stores with over a decade of business with them.

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