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World Cyber Games(WCG)

World Cyber Games(WCG)

WCG is the world's largest eSports event where young people from all over the globe share peace, friendship, adventure, and excitement, regardless of language, culture, or race. TechnoBlood hosted and operated the WCG domestic qualifying tournament from 2002 to 2013, being in charge of sellecting the players for the final.

Cyber Games Asia

Cyber Games Asia

TechnoBlood was in charge of the operation and planning of the organizer-certified eSports event "Cyber ​​Games Asia" from 2012 to 2016 at the Tokyo Game Show, one of the most significant events in the industry. (Joint operation with Nikkei BP)

MHF Anniversary Festival 2012

MHF Anniversary Festival 2012

MHF Anniversary Festival 2012 was a festival to express appreciation for the people involved in MHF-G on the occasion of celebrating the 5th anniversary of MHF-G. Also, "VS. Quest champion tournament in Anniversary Festival 2012" was held to conclude the nationwide competition "VS. Quest champion tournament" We also provided various experiential sessions linked to the games along with the social gathering on the previous night of the festival, inviting the guests with hotel accommodation. The hotel room décor was customized into an environment that resembles an internet cafe.

MHF-G Anniversary Festival 2014

Celebrating the 7th anniversary, MHF-G Anniversary Festival 2014 was held to express appreciation to the people involved in the development of MHF-G. The festival rejoiced with a variety of events such as "G6 Premium Trial," "Special High-Graphic PC Trial," "VS. Quest Champion Tournament in Anniversary Festival 2014" "Skanda Cup Champion Tournament @ PS Vita."

  • VS Quest Champion Tournament
    Monster Hunter Frontier Online
    VS Quest Champion Tournament

    Monster Hunter Frontier Online VS Quest Champion Tournament was a tournament held at officially certified internet cafes nationwide. The team of two hunters participated from every region to decide the top three teams to receive the specially customized trophy. Other special events included presentations only at the venue and bingo competitions with lavish prizes.

  • Official Internet Cafe National Tour
    Monster Hunter Frontier G (MHF-G)
    Official Internet Cafe National Tour

    Before a big update, TechnoBlood usually holds a special trial meeting at the MHF-G official internet cafe. The event goes on with a presentation revealing unreleased information and development episodes topping off with an offline meet-up.



    It is an internet cafe tournament utilizing the open area of ​​the internet cafe. The game commentary of famous players is web broadcasted on Nico Nico Live Broadcasting.

  • Alliance of Valiant Arms
    Alliance of Valiant Arms

    It is an event where Avalenjai gathers at online cafes all over the country. There are lottery and matches among players. Available on Nico Nico Live Broadcasting and Twitch.

  • Feast Of The Othellonian / Othellonian Meeting
    Gyakuten Othellonia
    Feast Of The Othellonian / Othellonian Meeting

    It is an event taking place on an internet cafe as an opportunity for creating a community for "Gyakuten Othellonia." We are holding it regularly to strengthen the community of Gyakuten Othellonia.

  • Shadowverse Rampage Battle
    Shadowverse Rampage Battle

    Techno Blood supports the store tournaments for the popular smartphone card game "Shadowverse." Defining three months as one season, each tournament winner will receive in-game prizes limited to Rampage Battle.

  • Vainglory FanParty
    Vainglory FanParty

    We have organized tournaments using open areas in internet cafes and game bars. We also assisted meet-up sessions planned by the users to support and strengthen the growth of the community.

  • Hortensia Saga Offline Meet-Ups with Official Collectables
    Hortensia Saga
    Hortensia Saga Offline Meet-Ups with Official Collectables

    We have supported the offline meetups held by Hortensia Saga Fans. There was a valuable collectible giveaway at this event, which greatly contributed to the development of the Hortensia Saga community.


    Held a fan event to connect professional teams and users, also to assist the growth of the community.

  • East-West national team selection battle
    East-West national team selection battle

    We held a 1-day tournament "East-West Selection Round" with only eight stores each from East Japan and West Japan. Winners of each store proceeded to the finals.

PUBG TechnoBlood CUP


PUBG SOLO/DUO tournaments held simultaneously at 15 internet cafes and eSports facilities nationwide. The game is broadcasted live on Twitch.

LoL TechnoBlood CUP

League of Legends/ LoL TechnoBlood CUP

LoL TechnoBlood CUP is a local community-based tournament at eSports facilities and Internet cafes nationwide. The game will be broadcasted live on Twitch's official Techno Blood channel.

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    Wargaming Japan Inc.

We also have collaborations with numerous other manufacturers and partners.

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