Video Streaming Business

Acquiring licenses for high-quality video content is crucial in video streaming. We are working with production companies, distribution companies and individual creators to select and provide carefully chosen video content, not only from various genres like anime, movies, and YouTubers but also to appeal to the main demographic of internet cafe users, who are typically men in their 20s to 40s.

In addition, we have introduced a My Page feature for the first time in the video streaming service for internet cafes. This feature recommends content based on the user's interests, ensuring a seamless viewing experience without interruptions.

In our future updates, we plan to add features that will enhance the enjoyment of our customers who use internet cafes, including 2DVR functionality for simple VR experiences in web browsers and the ability to interact with creators through live streaming.


About the Video Content Platform


“Buzz Liber TV” is a new video streaming service with the concept of creating a 'BUZZ' from internet cafes through free and diverse video content. You can launch “Buzz Liber TV” from the PCs located in the private rooms of internet cafes and enjoy exclusive videos from influencers and gravure idols, as well as a variety of content such as movies, anime, dramas, and R-18 material.

Strengths of TechnoBlood

  • 01 Our track record in content distribution and our significant market share in the industry.

    Number of Titles in the industryNO.1

    Internet café operation share in the industryNO.1

  • 02 A wide range of on-offline integrated marketing tools within the store.

    We leverage our expertise in content distribution to provide support in various areas, including management systems and advertising deployment.

  • 03 Our track record of dealings with 2,000 internet cafe outlets nationwide.

    We have established trust and strong relationships with all major chain stores with over a decade of business with them.

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