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The Internet cafe business is making a considerable leap nationwide as an entertainment and amusement space for the new generation. One of the essentials of the Internet cafe business that provide various contents and charges fees depending on the length of the café use is online game content. Based on the background and experience in being the number one distribution channel in Japan for Internet cafes, Techno Blood provides services that cater to the merits not only that of the users but the Internet cafe operators and the content makers. Content distribution business is run by the related company, TechnoBlood Esports Co., Ltd.

Contents Promotion Summary

Content Distribution for Internet Cafes

Online game

Techno Blood is entitled to handle digital content directly from the game developers to Internet cafes. We also carry out campaigns and bonus benefits with the game developers to induce customer visits.

Transaction Records

In addition to selling exclusive online games for internet cafes, we also offer a wide range of items for browser games, social games, and various digital content. We provide electronic money and points that can be used for various digital content, not only for sales but also for special item giveaway campaigns in online games.

  • Videos / E-books
    Videos / E-books

    In internet cafes, streaming video content has become the mainstream, allowing customers to enjoy exclusive videos that can only be viewed in the cafe and access newly released content. Additionally, customers can enjoy e-books by connecting to the booth PCs or the cafe's Wi-Fi network.

  • Business Security
    Business Security

    We also provide sales channels tailored to net cafes for business-use Microsoft software licenses, which are in high demand, as well as the No. 1 market share i-Filter, a domestic filtering solution to combat online crimes and harmful websites.

Providing a Comfortable Internet Cafe Environment

  • Solution

    Online game items can be purchased with cash at the net cafe's cash register system, "PayNetCafe," creating a mechanism for users to visit with a specific purpose in mind. We also offer various solutions, including ProVision (automatic patching), to enhance the user experience.

  • Promotion / Advertising
    Promotion / Advertising

    We support promotions aimed at increasing the utilization rate, such as offering exclusive net cafe benefits, where some popular online games have seen a remarkable increase of up to 209% in operating hours compared to regular days. We also help create unique game corners in your store that involve your staff, making your net cafe stand out as a comfortable and appealing environment for users.

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