eSports Event and TechnoBlood

eSports is a competitive online video gaming in the new form of professional sport. It has been prevalent in the US, Europe, and Asia, and recently the number of athletes in Japan has increased as well as the number of professional gamers. TechnoBlood has taken a significant role in large-scale competitions such as "World Cyber Games" and "Cyber Games Asia" since 2002, which at the time was the early stage of eSports. With the experience in tournament management and as one of the top companies for online distribution to Internet cafes, we are ready to join the promising future of eSports by offering our unique expertise.

eSports Event and TechnoBlood

eSports Event Projects

Managing and Operating eSports Tournaments

Recently, eSports has been attracting worldwide attention due to the massive amount of prize money and the success of professional gamers, and more tournaments are happening in various locations. We have a solid background in hosting and operating "World Cyber Games (WCG)" in Japan(2002-2013) and holding the eSports event "Cyber Cyber Games (CGA)" at the Tokyo Game Show, the most significant game convention in Japan(2012-2016). Most recently, we have organized a tournament management system by linking a variety of stores and esports facilities across the country to host tournaments such as "Shadowverse Rampage Battle" or "PUBG TechnoBlood CUP.“ Starting 2021, TechnoBlood is to hold a global eSports tournament, "World eSports League (WSL)," given the official recognition from the International Esports Federation.

Supporting Community Events and Meet-ups

Supporting Community Events and Meet-ups

Many offline competitions and events are going on with the aim of promoting online games and encouraging those communities. We are known to have a cooperative linkage with game publishers in terms of event management and operation. By cooperating with stores of various business types throughout the nation, we have provided events held mainly in urban areas in local locations. For the communities to grow, we have created a mechanism for users to hold eSports tournaments and meet-ups anywhere in the country.

Support for opening and operating esports facilities
Support for opening and operating esports facilities

In light of the growing popularity of esports, esports facilities and cafes are emerging across the country. Leveraging our years of experience in content distribution to internet cafes and event management, we offer a one-stop solution for esports facility operations. Our services encompass commercial content provision, content management systems, and support for organizing esports tournaments. We are committed to providing all the necessary solutions for the operation of esports facilities, drawing upon our expertise in this field.

Strengths of TechnoBlood

  • 01 Our track record in content distribution and our significant market share in the industry.

    Number of Titles in the industryNO.1

    Internet café operation share in the industryNO.1

  • 02 A wide range of on-offline integrated marketing tools within the store.

    We leverage our expertise in content distribution to provide support in various areas, including management systems and advertising deployment.

  • 03 Our track record of dealings with 2,000 internet cafe outlets nationwide.

    We have established trust and strong relationships with all major chain stores with over a decade of business with them.

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