Treatment Personal Information

1. About personal information handled by us
・In carrying out our business, personal information disclosed from customers
・Personal information disclosed by customers through e-mail, fax , telephone, etc. to our company
※ "Our business" includes each WEB site provided by the Company.
※ The "e-mail", contains a form on the WEB site.
※ Our web site
2. About purpose of using personal information
・Responding to customer's inquiries concerning our business operations and our business.
・For other purposes, please refer to the terms of use on each site or purpose of use on each web site offered by the Company.
・When we acquire personal information, we will clearly indicate its purpose of use and contact information.
Personal information acquired by that will not be used beyond the range of purpose of use specified to the customer.
※ We provide WEB site Terms of Use and purpose of use
3. about collecting customer's personal information.
We may acquire your personal information in the following cases.
・When you conduct the registration procedure requested by the website we provided.
・When answering questions or requests from users on the website we provided.
・When accepting applications for taking our service by the website we provide
・When accepting participation of the seminar which we announced at the website we provided.
・When you sending resume for recruitment by the website we provided.
・When you sign up to the mailing list by our support WEB site.
・When you answer to the online survey by the website we provided.
・When we receive inquiries from customers through e-mail, fax, telephone etc to our company.
4. About outsourcing / sharing etc. of personal information
Please note in advance that we entrust the handling of some or all of the user's personal information or that we may share personal information with the companies that operates this site or a company that outsources the provision of services on this site, a manufacturer of products purchased by the customer, affiliated companies and business partners who are our clients (hereinafter collectively referred to as "business Partner").
5. Disclosure or provision of personal information
We will not disclose, offer or sell your personal information to third parties.
In the case of using personal information for purposes other than purpose of use specified to you, we will notify you, and get agreement in advance before announcing the purpose.
However, this shall not apply if any of the following cases.
・When we got the consent from the users.
・In cases it is necessary for human life, body, property protection, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the user himself / herself
・Cooperate in carrying out administrative affairs prescribed by laws and regulations by national agencies or local public entities or those entrusted with them In cases where it is necessary and there is a risk of interfering with the performance of the Affairs by obtaining the consent of the user himself / herself
・When disclosure or provision is permitted by other laws and regulations
・In case there is request to explicitly disclose or provide to a third party from the user who provided the personal information.
・In cases where the user himself / herself applied to the seminar or event organized by a third party through this site, and the third party requested the information to be provided.
・When the customer himself purchases goods or services from us or a third party through this site, and required to provide necessary information from the third party, shipping company, etc.
・When assigning all or part of our business to a third party
Information that cannot identify the user
・When we reasonably determine that it is necessary for the provision of services to users
In the cases falling under ( 6 ) to ( 7 ), we will stop providing the personal information of the user to a third party if the provider him / herself requested.
6. About the safety measures of personal information held by our company
In order to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, tampering, leakage, etc., we take reasonable safety measures and take necessary remedial measures. However, please understand that there is no absolute technique to prevent unauthorized access. We regularly provide the education for employees to protect of the personal information.
7. About use of cookie
We use cookies on some WEB sites that we provided.
The purpose of use is as follows.
・Creation of usage statistics
In order to measure how many people this site is using, cookies are given to each browser that accesses this site.
・Customized service provision
Check the users who are using and use cookies to access the registration information on the site.
It is used to make it possible to provide customized content for each user.
If you do not accept cookies, you may not be able to receive some services.
・Advertisement placement
For some advertisements, we may use cookies to provide more relevant information.
In any case, we will not provide individual information obtained by cookie to the third parties.
In addition, if you do not desire to be used the "Cookie", you can disable the "Cookie" by changing the basic settings of the browser.
8. About revision of privacy policy
We may revise our privacy policy as necessary. In the event that an important revision occurs, we will announce the site within certain period so that the revised part will be clear.
9. Link to business partner site
We have many links to business partners and other companies related to our company in this site. We are not responsible for the privacy policy of business partners and other companies related to us.
rivacy policy and other handling rules may differ so we recommend that users read the privacy policy and handling rules.
10. With respect to countermeasures such as complaints, corrections, suspension of use, etc.
You may request disclosure of your personal information held by us. Also, as a result, you can request correction if necessary. In addition, we can stop using personal information, inquiries, complaints, consultation etc. When we accept these, we will respond appropriately within reasonable scope. For that purpose, we have established a dedicated customer service as follows.
■ Inquiries concerning personal information protection
〒111-0051 Taito-ku, Tokyo Kuramae 3-1-10 Kuramae Central Building 6F
Technoblood Corporation Customer Service for protecting personal information
Tel: 81-3-5835-5866
Contact by e-mail here
Please send e-mails to the above e-mail address for any opinions or questions about the privacy policy of this site.
We recognize your opinion and questions as very important to make this site better for users.