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Techno Blood has a reliable support system that effectively solves the demands of diversifying Internet cafes.Various independent systems required for Internet cafes will transform into more efficient and enhanced functions by shifting to a comprehensive, integrated system. The advancement of the system creates future possibilities of Internet cafes.

Net Cafe Solutions

About each solution


Essential system for internet cafe business

There are many titles of online games, and business operators find it challenging to apply weekly patches on time. We provide "ProVision," a solution that has been installed to approximately 1,500 stores nationwide.

Provision is a solution that saves time and labor costs for PC maintenance and can lead to improving sales.ProVision can manage not only game patches but also installation functions, remote PC monitoring, P2P monitoring functions, installed programs and hardware status, and even Windows updates. It also has a new function to promptly repair a broken PC by copying the data from a functioning one. The service has become more reliable. Stores that perform proper PC maintenance, such as installation and patching, are starting to see differences in the occupancy rate compared to stores that do not.The results show that at stores with ProVisions, the use of online games has tripled.


Easily refresh your PC by restarting

This is an essential feature to protect customers' personal information at Internet cafes where many customers visit and may put in their personal information.
It is also an effective feature to protect your computer from viruses and hacking. TechnoBlood has updated recovery system with the experience to create the best management system with an easy-to-use interface.


Rescuing from OS troubles, virus infections, and unexplained errors.

We have developed a new OS restoration system that overcomes various challenges associated with existing systems and offers a user-friendly interface suitable for beginners.

By simply installing a USB memory or CD-ROM, you can copy and restore the same model of PC. With the right network and HUB setup, you can perform high-speed copying of one-to-many PCs, and it supports concurrent operations of up to 36 units. It is also integrated with 'Provision,' making it easy to use without hassle, and is accessible to everyone.


Digital content items available in cash at online cafes!

PayNetCafe is a unique mechanism for purchasing items from online games or items limited to online cafes in cash directly at the stores.

There usually is a requirement to register a credit card on the manufacturer's site or purchase WebMoney when purchasing items during an online game. PayNetCafe is an inventive system for the users to buy what they need, when they need it, and to pay in cash at the internet cafe.

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To the PayNetCafe website.


In response to the requests from numerous internet cafe operators, we have incorporated a feature called 'LogVision' as a part of the 'Provision Service Standard Features.' (Provision-affiliated stores can use it for free!) This new log aggregation service, 'LogVision,' will enable more precise and effective content operation, making it easier to plan for countermeasures and promotions, be it for different content deployment by manufacturers, events, campaigns, or even new releases!

Advertisement by Desktop Launcher
Advertisement by Desktop Launcher

It is crucial to organize the icons on desktop screens at the Internet Cafe as part of the customer service. There is data showing that the PC usage rate is higher in stores where neatly arrange the icons than in stores where it doesn't. The desktop launcher organizes the figures for the users to see what they need at a glance. Advertising section in the screen center is capable of sending out various promotional information such as store-specific events, campaigns, time discounts, new menus. All of the stores can use the system free upon request.

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Internet Cafe POS System - TB Manager5

TB Manager 5 is a POS system designed to support and streamline PC-related operations in internet cafes. Its key features include:

  • Seamless integration with default services and the Provision system.
  • Centralized management of booth PCs through POS.
  • Standard PayNetCafe integration.
  • High adaptability to membership systems.
  • 24/7 remote support.

This POS system offers all the essential functionalities required in internet cafes. We have also reviewed the pricing to make it even more cost-effective. Please feel free to reach out for inquiries!

Virus Protection and Filtering

Antivirus: 'ESET Endpoint (NOD32)

We offer the antivirus software 'ESET Endpoint (NOD32),' and it is currently being used by approximately 1,000 stores.

We customize it for internet cafes, so it's highly compatible with online games. It doesn't add the typical burden to PCs that you might find with antivirus software, allowing us to provide a secure and safe environment for your customers.

Antivirus: 'NOS

This is a security feature implemented in the desktop launcher. By simply enabling the feature, it protects your customers from the dangers of account hacking, phishing sites, and keyloggers lurking on the internet. Furthermore, upon request, your company's site can be registered as a protected site on NOS. It's a free and easy-to-implement security feature.


With over 2,000 internet cafes in operation, there are instances where concerns have been raised by local authorities and law enforcement regarding issues related to unauthorized PC usage and restricted access to problematic websites. In response to these challenges, we offer the number one filtering software, 'i-Filter,' at an affordable price tailored for internet cafes.

Mobile Solutions


It's a high-quality access point that adds new value to your in-store Wi-Fi. By using professional-grade access points, we provide a comfortable Wi-Fi environment for your customers. Utilizing the connection completion screen for in-store promotions and advertising, we can drive customer motivation. We also offer standard support and maintenance plans that cover equipment failures during operation, making it a Wi-Fi service that can be used with confidence even without specialized knowledge.

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