Advertising Business

At TechnoBlood, we leverage our track record of dealing with approximately 2,000 internet cafes to deploy our advertising business across the country. By combining our unique solutions, we create a new medium that combines both online and offline, allowing for effective promotions that leave a lasting impression on users.


About Each Promotion

  • Display Advertising
    Display Advertising

    The desktop advertisement that users see first when they start up internet cafe PCs. With a monthly reach of one billion page views, it has a strong appeal to the main user base of internet cafes, which is men in their 20s to 40s.

  • Store Promotion
    Store Promotion

    We can conduct offline promotions in internet cafes, including tools such as posters and sampling. We are open to discussions based on your preferences, including target regions or specific stores.

  • Pre-install

    We can pre-install your desired apps or shortcut icons on internet cafe PCs, allowing users to experience them on the spot.